SPIDER-MAN : Animated

Hello guys! Hope you are well!

want to re post this project as the last time I post it was two years ago and I did not have nearly as much material as I have now.

This is a passion personal project that started because of my love to the character and to Marvel and the world of Animation and visual arts in general, wanted to re imagine the character and the whole Marvel universe in my own style using my artistic sensibilities to find a unique look, I started this circa 2020-2021 and its been almost 3 years of constant development , trying to find the style and pushing my story telling abilities.

Doing this project is really time consuming as I design all from start to finish , from the composition to the lighting to the character designs to the posing etc.

Still is an ongoing project as I really enjoy getting into this fantastic worlds and creating renders for them, each time I get to know better what works in this style and what not and also I keep pushing each time the quality .

All of this 3D renders take a lot of time as I want to make sure they are beautifully colored images that you can understand whats happening from the beggining so all artisit decisions here are totally planned and deliverated and not just randomly putting stuff on the screen, every single polygon , shape or pixel contributes to thes story being told.

The idea here is to simulate this are stills from an animated movie.

Hope you enhoy them as much as I do doing it :)