Love,Deaths & Robots : JIBARO

A while ago I had the huge,exciting and overwhelming task of doing some 3D visual development in Jibaro & Golden Woman as well! the mision was huge and challenging,working with Alberto Mielgo and the rest of the amazing and talented team is something you need to do once in your life.

I cant describe how much talented the crew is and what an amazing achievement we did, Jibaro is just in another level, Alberto keeps pushing the barrier of animation and rising the bar for the quality in all aspects.I can't say no more than thank you all the team for leting me be part of this and the final result is the conclusion of soo much effort, long meetings,technical probems and achievements, JIBARO is just a masterpiece.

I worked on Jibaros 3D visual development as well as the Golden Woman visual development doing organic work and also some cool armours!!

Jibaro is a short film produced for Love, Death and Robots season 3, streaming on Netflix, produced by Blur, made by and written and directed by Alberto Mielgo, winner of the Oscar 2022 for Best Animated Short Film