Clash Royale : Electro Giant


Im happy to share the ElectroGiant for Clash Royale :

worked on this Character at Ocellus Studio!
I was in charge of supervising the pose Sculpting and topology process

Credits :

Supercell art team : Concept, sculpt, lookdev
Ocellus Art team : Rig, posing, lighting
Supercell Clash Royale Creative Director and FX : Brice Laville Saint-Martin
Ocellus team:
Art director : Cyril Corallo
Lead sculpt : Mariano Tazzioli
Lead lookdev and lighting : Bruno Macedo da Silva

Rig : Michael Spokas
Posing : Justine Viel and David Encinas
Sculpt pose : Mariano Tazzioli
Lighting : George Damiani and Bruno Macedo da Silva
Compositing: George Damiani and Bruno Macedo da Silva