Hello!! hope you are well!!

a long time ago I started this project, trying to create an animated Spider-Man universe using my artistic syle.Still is an open project is not finished yet but is gonna take a lot of time to finish it , so this is gonna be an evolving project I will continue to post here new material as soon as I start to have new ones to share :)

Spider-Man is one of my favourite characters of all time ,the idea is to create a full universe redisigning the characters and also enviroments shots like the oscorp one.

its very demanding for me too upload always material in this project or in any cause I only post renders if they truly are good artistically if I consider they are not in my quality expectation I just do not post it so its a very demanding personal project where I try to push my self all the time to the limit and some times Is very frustraing or just exhausting so I do it as I have time and find the energy to do so.

so I hope you like it :) and like I said this is an OPEN project so you can come to time to time to check if there are new materials :)